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Items in the Saltaire Collection cover many subjects: the textile industry and working life, leisure, education, personal memories, religion, transport and travel, war, health and welfare, politics and many more.

We have highlighted some of the major themes in our collection which you can browse below.

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Work, textiles and other industries

The Saltaire Collection has many items from over 130 years of textile production at Salts Mill.

We have business documents, newspaper cuttings, photographs of mill machinery and staff,  personal memories of workers and managers, and papers on the land and property deals that came with owning a village as well as a mill.

We also have items on other industries associated with Saltaire from mining in Tennessee to being a leader of the digital communications revolution.

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Saltaire may have been an industrial village but the workers and residents still had time to enjoy themselves.

The Collection contains many items on musical, dramatic and festive activities. Cricket, football and other sports are well represented. As is enjoyment of the great outdoors, from gentle walks in the park to thrilling rides on a rollercoaster.

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Education has been a major feature of Saltaire from its foundation to the present.

The Saltaire Collection contains a wide range ot items related to education, including: photographs of staff and students; school books, certificates, letters, prospectuses, advertisments and building plans; and histories and personal reminiscences of the various schools in Saltaire.

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Personal memories

The Saltaire Collection has several accounts of living and working in Saltaire given by the individuals themselves.

These include personal memoirs, and also accounts carefully recorded by Collection volunteers.

The stories are a fascinating personal insight into the history of Saltaire since the late nineteenth century.

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